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Welcome to our December “Year in Review” Newsletter!

The end of 2018 can only mean one thing…it’s resolution-making time! We all want to start out the year “on a good note”, “put our best foot forward”, “make a change for the better”, and various other cliches – all well intended. The same is true in the hospitality industry, as hotel management looks to increase their margins, secure more direct online bookings, and decrease staff turnover, to name a few. Staff training should also make that list, bedbug training in specific.

As the following Top Headlines of 2018 will show, bedbugs are here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. Loss of consumer confidence & loss of $$ make bedbugs one of the hardest issues currently facing hoteliers. We are here to help! We started NOBBEL, Inc, (
KnowBedBugs.com) to partner with hotels, offering expert staff training, property certifications, and excellent products, all designed to increase consumer confidence and help minimize those nasty bedbug reviews online. Training, Certifications & Reputation management, all in one place.

Want to increase direct bookings? Increase profits? Concerned travelers can book rooms via direct links to our certified properties, commission-free! Join our growing list of certified properties.

NOBBEL made the news in 2018! See the article in Hotel Business.

Now onto the Top Stories of 2018 (aside from our headline)… and here’s wishing you all a Happy New Year!

TOP 10 HEADLINES of 2018  


  • Baltimore & Washington DC continue to hold top spots
  • The ranking includes both residential and commercial treatments. 
  • Factor in litigation costs and hoteliers are looking at more than $23,000 Per Incident!
  • Financial loss includes replacing soft goods, treatment, and lost business.
  • 3-year old was scarred by bedbugs
  • Settlement is the largest for a single family over bedbugs in U.S. history
  • Studies look to links between bedbugs and asthma, chagas
  • Allergic reactions can be severe
  • Bedbug poop contains high levels of allergy-inducing histamines
  • Infested homes have histamine levels nearly 22% higher
  • “Coconut oil itself is not a repellent,” the release says.
  • Fatty acids derived from coconut oil had long-lasting insect-repelling properties against flies, ticks, bed bugs and mosquitoes.
  • Study results may have implications for forensic scientists
  • “These results reveal that identification of multiple human hosts is possible from a single bed bug”
  • Fungal spore effectively kills bed bugs
  • Tests have not shown any adverse effects on people or pets
  • Bedbugs are growing resistant to chemical & standard heat treatments
  • First reported in Miami, “Super Bedbugs” now seen in Houston & other cities
Bedbugs reports on airplanes increase in 2018

Hotels aren’t the only place you find bedbugs, as we always remind you! Here are some other places bedbugs can be found:

City Hall:
Bedbugs on a visitor close an Indiana city hall

Ponca City schools addressing bedbug rumors

Bedbug found at Alliance High School in Ohio

Bedbugs found in classroom at Leavenworth Middle School


The following hotel properties have achieved their NOBBEL certifications. Any guest would feel better about staying in a bed bug certified property, confident that the staff is well-trained, and that the property has a plan!

Is YOUR property NOBBEL certified? Get more information or claim your property here. 


Holiday Inn Resort Orlando – Lake Buena Vista
Orlando, FL 
Platinum Certified


Comfort Suites Beachfront
Virginia Beach, VA
Platinum Certified

Hampton Inn Neptune
Neptune, NJ
Gold Certified

Sleep Inn & Suites Clintwood
Clintwood, VA
Platinum Certified

Doubletree Resort by Hilton Hollywood Beach
Hollywood Beach, FL
Platinum Certified

Cayman Suites
Ocean City, MD
Platinum Certified


Guests can click “BOOK THIS HOTEL” on our site to reserve a room. We offer direct links to our certified properties websites, and do so at 0% commissions! Yet another reason to get your property certified today. Ready to get started? Claim your property here, or email us: info@knowbedbugs.com.


According to studies, bedbugs can live from 8 months to 1 year WITHOUT EATING? Letting a room sit unoccupied for months is not an effective treatment, and is also really bad for revenue.


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