Bedbugs in the Headlines – Volume 16

NOBBEL, Inc.       Newsletter Vol. 16        February 2019  

Bedbug Headlines * Certified Property Spotlight * Did You Know?

Spring is nearly here, and for many people that means Spring Cleaning is here, too. The same is true in the hospitality industry, especially for seasonal hotels. Hotel managers are starting to get ready for the start of the Summer season, and this often means minor repairs/renovations, new mattresses and even increased staff. Training new staff on property procedures and company policy is a priority. Bedbug training needs to be included. Don’t you want your staff to be as educated about this epidemic as possible?

Bedbugs can cost a property big bucks! This, coupled with a loss of consumer confidence as online reports of bedbug issues surface, make bedbugs one of the biggest problems facing hoteliers today. Having your staff fully trained on bedbug biology, detection and inspection could mean the difference in thousands of dollars.

NOBBEL offers expert staff training, property certifications, and
excellent products, all designed to help your property with the bedbug epidemic. As a result of our certification program, your property will increase consumer confidence and help minimize those nasty bedbug reviews online. 

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  • Baltimore & Washington DC hold top spots for 3rd year!
  • The ranking includes both residential and commercial treatments. 
  • Bedbugs are becoming increasingly resistant to pesticides
  • New bedbug strains even show resistance to DDT
D.C. and Philly Introduce Legislation to Combat Bedbugs
  • The individual allegedly shook his jacket over the prosecutors files
  • No word on who will pay the bill for the exterminators
  • Bug bombs won’t do the trick
  • Ultrasonic bug repellents are better at sending your money away 
Hotels aren’t the only place you find bedbugs, as we always remind you! Here are some other places bedbugs can be found:

The YMCA! (The Village People would be upset to hear):
Yonkers YMCA sued over bedbugs
Yonkers, NY

Bedbugs & safety concerns at Kentucky School for the Deaf
Danville, KY

College Campus:
Ohio receives confirmed report of bedbugs in LGBT center
Athens, OH

Nursing Home:
Bedbugs discovered at Wayne County nursing home
Sodus, NY
The following hotel properties have achieved their NOBBEL certifications. Any guest would feel better about staying in a bed bug certified property, confident that the staff is well-trained, and that the property has a plan!

Is YOUR property NOBBEL certified? Get more information or claim your property here.


Crowne Plaza Jacksonville Airport
Jacksonville, FL 
Platinum Certified


Francis Scott Key Family Resort
Ocean City, MD
Platinum Certified

Hampton Inn & Suites Fruitland
Fruitland, MD
Platinum Certified

Riverview Suites at Water Street Center
Wilmington, NC
Platinum Certified

Holiday Inn Washington DC / College Park
College Park, MD
Platinum Certified

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Bedbug saliva acts as an anesthetic and an anticoagulant. This keeps the blood flowing, and prevents you from feeling the bite as it happens. 
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