News To Make Your Skin Crawl: Vol 3

Weekly Newsletter  2/24/2017

Your weekly gathering of bed bug news, updates, blog posts, travel tips and more!

Hi Kurt,

It is hard to believe it’s the end of February already. Already in the first 2 months of 2017, our new President has been inaugurated, the West Coast has seen flash floods from the most rain in a decade, and the Travel Ban has been a constant headline…(undoubtedly the Lodging Industry has been paying some attention to the latter)

As this newsletter takes shape, we are experiencing 70+ degree temperatures here in the Mid-Atlantic region, and our thoughts are already on the coming vacation season. As traveler’s start planning for their excursions, certain factors always play a part in their decision making. Perhaps the TOP of this list is cleanliness. In our most recent video, our “man on the street” asked guests what factors they consider. Hoteliers take note: your guests ARE aware of the bed bug issue. See what they have to say: 

Bed Bugs in our Schools: Educate Yourself

Weekly Newsletter:  2/9/17

Hi Kurt,

It has been a VERY active week in Bed Bug news this week, particularly with our SCHOOLS!

Yes, schools are now on the front lines of the bed bug battle. This can be a traumatic experience for the children involved. Imagine the ridicule a child receives (although unjustly) for having brought bed bugs into the classroom. It can’t help but remind me of the lice checks we all went through in school, and of those unfortunate children who were singled out once lice was discovered on them. And while we are sympathetic to all schoold and children invloved, this new battleground does add credence to our overall viewpoint about this plague. 

News to Make Your Skin Crawl!

Weekly Newsletter:  2/1/17

Hi Kurt,

Welcome to the first weekly newsletter from KnowBedBugs. Our aim is to start the conversation between the lodging industry and their guests through information and education. Here you will read about the latest news, updates and discoveries as they pertain to bed bugs and the travel and lodging industries. Some topics we plan to cover weekly include:

  • News Headlines
  • Certified Hotel Listings
  • The Latest in the Battle with Bed Bugs
  • Tips for the Concerned Traveler

We apologize, in advance, if any of the information in our newsletters makes your skin crawl!