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NOBBEL stands for the National Organization of Bed Bug Education for Lodging.

Using guidelines set forth by National Pest Management Association (NPMA), NOBBEL has created an online training and certification program for the lodging industry to deal with the growing bed bug epidemic.

Our mission is two-fold:
1. To educate the public and the lodging industry about the bed bug epidemic.
2. To offer bed bug training and certifications for the lodging industry to build consumer confidence.

Does YOUR Property Have a Bed Bug Plan?



The NOBBEL, Inc. online training and certification process is all available here on our website, and is also available in both Spanish and English. Training and certification takes about an hour.

Each NOBBEL certified property receives: 

  • Expert staff training via dynamic video presentation
  • A certified listing on our website, where guests can book rooms via direct link with NO commission fees!
  • The NOBBEL Standard Operating Procedure (The Bed Bug Log Book) complete with training material summaries & the 20-Point Bed Inspection Checklist
  • Reputation management including:
    • frequent social media posts highlighting certified properties
    • Mentions in emails & newsletters to NOBBEL subscribers
  • Professional consulting for your bed bug inquires and concerns
  • Access to the latest prevention & detection products, vetted by our experts
  • Optional door/window signage, letting your guests know that you have a plan!


Participation levels are based on the percentage of registered full time guest services & housekeeping staff that have been certified.

There are 4 levels of participation:
* Platinum – 100%
* Gold – 50%-99%
* Silver – 25%-49%
* Bronze – Under 25%