News to Make Your Skin Crawl!

Weekly Newsletter:  2/1/17

Hi Kurt,

Welcome to the first weekly newsletter from KnowBedBugs. Our aim is to start the conversation between the lodging industry and their guests through information and education. Here you will read about the latest news, updates and discoveries as they pertain to bed bugs and the travel and lodging industries. Some topics we plan to cover weekly include:

  • News Headlines
  • Certified Hotel Listings
  • The Latest in the Battle with Bed Bugs
  • Tips for the Concerned Traveler

We apologize, in advance, if any of the information in our newsletters makes your skin crawl! 



*We can’t help but think that these lawsuits could have been prevented. A thorough room inspection BEFORE check-in would definitely help. To conduct your own room inspection, print-out our 10-point bed bug checklist here: Download the Bed Bug Checklist




Cayman Suites Hotel in Ocean City, MD – Certified Platinum 

Cayman Suites KnowBedBugs bed bug certified hotel registry pic.jpeg






Beach View Hotel in Rehoboth Beach, DE – Certified Platinum

Beach View Hotel KnowBedBugs bed bug certified hotel registry pic.jpeg




*Guests can also check our listings for Certified Hotels and book rooms directly on our site @  We are adding new Certified Locations daily. 



The TERMINUS Bed Bug Coaster from 1st Defense Industries: Place this little disk under the legs of hotel room furniture, including beds. We think this is a good addition to any hotel’s bed bug plan.

terminus bed bug coaster KnowBedBugs new product hotel registry.jpg






Of course, nothing beats quality staff training, which your hotel can get from KnowBedBugs. Contact us about training, testing and certifying your hotel and its staff. When it comes to bed bugs, Let your guests know: “We Have A Plan!”








Place Your Luggage in the Bathtub While You Conduct Your Room Inspection!


Have a Great Week…and Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

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