News To Make Your Skin Crawl: Vol 3

Weekly Newsletter  2/24/2017

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Hi Kurt,

It is hard to believe it’s the end of February already. Already in the first 2 months of 2017, our new President has been inaugurated, the West Coast has seen flash floods from the most rain in a decade, and the Travel Ban has been a constant headline…(undoubtedly the Lodging Industry has been paying some attention to the latter)

As this newsletter takes shape, we are experiencing 70+ degree temperatures here in the Mid-Atlantic region, and our thoughts are already on the coming vacation season. As traveler’s start planning for their excursions, certain factors always play a part in their decision making. Perhaps the TOP of this list is cleanliness. In our most recent video, our “man on the street” asked guests what factors they consider. Hoteliers take note: your guests ARE aware of the bed bug issue. See what they have to say: 

KnowBedBugs: Bed Bugs in the News and Impromptu Interviews


Top 50 Cities List.jpg

In this week’s blog post, we discuss the Top 50 Bed Bug Cities in America list, published yearly by our friends at Orkin. Travelers are undoubtedly paying attention to the cities on the list, but as we discuss in the blog, they may want to pay MORE attention to the resort areas those cities serve. Read More Here:


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1. Another Hotel that could have used our training: Bed Bugs at the Superbowl: A Blogger’s Nightmare

2. Bed bugs hitch a ride on the city train: Take The El Train? The bed bugs are!

3. Schools are still a “hot bed” for the bugs: Bed bugs found at second DC elementary school this month

Do YOU know the signs of an infestation? Protect Yourself & Your Family!


Bed Bug Detection: What To Look For




The Burgundy Inn in Ocean City, MD – Certified Platinum 










*Guests can also check our listings for Certified Hotels and book rooms directly on our site @  We are adding new Certified Locations daily!! 



Use your hotel room key to check behind the headboard or artwork over your bed! Bed bugs love to stay close to their next meal, and this is a great place to look for signs. Simply swipe the key between the wall and the headboard!


For the concerned traveler, you can always print out your own hotel bed bug inspection checklist here:


Download Your Checklist


Have a Great Week…and Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

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