November 2018 Newsletter Volume 14


NOBBEL, Inc.       Newsletter Vol. 14        November 2018  

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Welcome to our November Newsletter Wrap-up!

Winter is upon us, and the Holidays are just about here. This time of the year is huge for travel, as family and friends come from near and far to gather, give thanks, share memories and make even more. 

For our friends in the hospitality industry, this time of the year can bring a much needed boost to sales after the annual fall cool-down. But greater traffic isn’t without it’s own troubles, and most properties will see an increase in bedbug issues along with the increase in guests. Loss of consumer confidence AND loss of $$ make bedbugs one of the hardest issues currently facing hoteliers. This is why we started NOBBEL, Inc.

NOBBEL, Inc is the National Organization of Bed Bug Education for Lodging. We offer bedbug training, testing and certifications to the lodging industry to help battle online reviews and build consumer confidence. Concerned travelers can book rooms with our certified locations on our website at Join our growing list of certified properties. See what some of our certified partners are saying.

In this issue:

  • Scientific Discoveries about Bedbugs, Coconut Oil and DNA. 
  • Disneyland hit by bedbug lawsuit, but they are not alone
  • Certified Property Spotlight
  • A Little Housekeeping: Bed bug tips to help stop the bleeding



  • “Stores have them. Doctors offices have them. You can almost pick them up anywhere.”
  • Columbus, the Cleveland-Akron-Canton metro area and Dayton are some of the worst cities 


  • “Coconut oil itself is not a repellent,” the release says.
  • Fatty acids derived from coconut oil had long-lasting insect-repelling properties against flies, ticks, bed bugs and mosquitoes.


  • Finally, a use for these blood-sucking pests
  • “These results reveal that identification of multiple human hosts is possible from a single bed bug”


  • Entomologist Dr. Susan Jones developed a bedbug app for use nationwide
  • The “Bed Bug Field Guide” app is available to download for free from Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store.


  • Guest alleges she was “butchered” by bedbugs and suffered emotional damage as a result
  • “She was absolutely butchered,” said Brian Virag, the Inland Empire woman’s attorney.


  • The lawsuit states hotel staff are not properly trained to identify bed bugs and treat them.
  • Lawyers included attachments of several reviews posted on the web from prior customers who had stayed at the Biltmore and found bedbugs in their rooms as well.


Hotels aren’t the only place you find bedbugs, as we always remind you! Here are some other places bedbugs can be found:

Bedbugs are more than an inconvenience for Mid-Michigan ambulance companies

Bedbugs infest South Carolina courthouse for 2nd time in 3 weeks

County Offices:
Bedbugs found at 2 San Diego County buildings

Movie Theaters:
Marion, IN woman claims bedbugs bit her at local theater

Milton Union school treated for bedbugs

Shopping Malls:
American Eagle investigating reports of bedbugs at Florida mall store


The following hotel properties have achieved their NOBBEL certifications. Any guest would feel better about staying in a bed bug certified property, confident that the staff is well-trained, and that the property has a plan!

Is YOUR property NOBBEL certified? Get more information or claim your property here. 

Quality Inn Oceanfront
Ocean City, MD
Platinum Certified

The Georgian Terrace
Atlanta, GA
Gold Certified

Candlewood Suites Fayetteville 
Fayetteville, NC
Platinum Certified

Sheraton Louisville Riverside Hotel
Jeffersonville, IN
Gold Certified

Days Inn South Hill
South Hill, VA
Platinum Certified


Guests can click “BOOK THIS HOTEL” on our site to reserve a room. We offer direct links to our certified properties websites, and do so at 0% commissions! Yet another reason to get your property certified today. Ready to get started? Claim your property here, or email us:


Did you know that 1 pregnant female bedbug can grow to an infestation of over 5,000 bedbugs in just 6 months? It is time to get your housekeeping team trained to identify all of the signs of bedbug activity!


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