Bedbug Training and Testing Samples: A Sneak Peak!

View Our Bedbug Training and Testing Samples

Check our bedbug training and testing samples, below. Our training videos cover all of the following bedbug information:

  • Biology
  • Bedbug Detection (What to Look For)
  • Bedbug Inspections
  • Treatment Guidelines
  • Guest Interaction

Your Training Is Split into 2 Groups

  • Housekeeping Team
  • Front Desk / Guest Services / Management Team

By signing-up, your location will have access to all training videos for 1 year. You can choose to train the whole group at once OR you can choose to train each employee separately. 

Individual training differs from group training. With individual training, each employee is also tested. This test is made up of 25 multiple choice questions, and is a pass/fail test. The employee’s test scores are emailed to you in real-time, which also makes our program a great employee management tool!

Click below to view our bedbug training & testing samples.




Signing up for our bedbug training program will certify your hotel property for the year. Certifications are annual. 

Each employee who passes the KnowBedBugs test will also receive a certification. Please see the sample, below. All employee certifications last for 2 years, so you don’t need to retrain the whole group each year!

KnowBedBugs individual employee certificate blank

KnowBedBugs individual employee certificate