Why A Bedbug Training Program for Hotels?


There has been a rise in bed bug infestations in the United States, and for this reason we have developed a bedbug training program for hotels. Hotels and the lodging industry as a whole are on the front lines in the battle against this determined pest. Several websites now act as a bedbug registry, listing consumer’s reports of bed bug encounters at properties throughout the country. Often, these sites offer little or no recourse for the properties themselves. The posts stay on these sites indefinitely and can cause damage (sometimes irreparably) to the property’s reputation. 

Our bedbug training program for hotels is designed to teach, test and certify people in the lodging industry. You will learn how to detect bedbugs before your guests do, and how to implement proven procedures to battle an infestation. Most importantly, we offer training on guest interactions for a bed bug event. Feedback from our certified partners say this part of the program is invaluable! We want to help you protect your property and your guests!


Watch this video to see what your potential guests have to say about bedbugs, online reports, and how these affect their reservation decisions:



  • 27% of travelers believe that checking online reviews is the most useful way to avoid bedbug issues**
  • 22% felt that prevention by the property itself would be the best way to avoid bedbugs**
  • 25% have checked their room for bedbugs themselves*
  • 56% would NOT stay at a property because of online reviews about prior bedbugs **
  • 60% would change PROPERTIES if they noticed signs of a bedbug issue.**
  • 12 % have already altered or canceled travel plans because of concern about bedbugs * 

*source: 2011 Bed Bugs in America survey conducted by NPMA

** source: 2017 Bed Bugs and Hotels: Traveler Insights and Implications for the Industry by the University of Kentucky

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